Review of Show:

"When was the last time you were served up a dish of E. coli on purpose?  That's what Tanna Bennett has prepared for you.  Her foraging for this feast begins on the banks of Houston Bayous though it could have been Anywhere, USA.  From the placemats woven from the ubiquitous plastic bag to Tanna's beautiful twist on noxious ingredients that have wept into the bisque, you see a dinner guest that you would like to think is uninvited.  Who is responsible for this invitation?  You are welcomed to the table of discourse."

Oct. 2017, writer Deborah Raffetto


Artist's Show Statement:

"Exploring Houston's urban wildlife trails, natural creeks and bayous, local artist Tanna Bennett is always amazed at the abundance of wildlife and plants thriving along the banks of waters flowing through our city.

The downside of the natural beauty is the unnatural materials that pollute and kill life along these urban refuges.  Plastic bags, discarded trash, human waste, fertilizers and other toxic materials choke the life out of our precious natural resources.

The work in this installation is inspired by the artist's walks through Woodland Park where the Little White Oak Bayou flows into White Oak Bayou.  Trash is seen littered along the banks of the water.  Most of the trash is deposited by normal flow and frequent floods.

My work addresses the negative impact of manmade material choking out the wildlife and vegetation.  Plastic is the greatest nuisance, especially the common plastic grocery bag."  Oct. 2017 - Tanna Bennett