Artist's Statement

In creating a work of art, I strive to find the hidden messages and feelings that exist within all of us.  I want the viewer to questions his/her own assumptions or experiences with the composition.  Perhaps the exchange will create a strong feeling of remembrance or something that is identifiable.


In 2014, I incorporated working with clay along with my separate painting studio.  I returned to my clay roots after a 20-year painting break and feel comfortable working with this earthy tactile medium.  Since I am an avid gardener, the clay connects me to the soil and grounds me.


My latest body of work deals with the human form.  I am interested in creating a narrative story of everyday struggles of living and growing as a human.  I want the past to integrate with the present giving the work a sense of history and strength.  I am interested in how the figures translate an emotion or an experience in life that is joyous or painful but a truthful navigation of life.  I also see a strong connection between our bodies and the endless cycles of nature.


I trained as a classical realist painter in the United States and France.  My instructors include Ted Seth Jacobs and Anthony Ryder among other prominent international teachers.  I teach painting and ceramics privately to adults.  I live and work in the Houston Heights with my husband and three dogs where we enjoy time in our inner-city garden growing herbs, fruit, and vegetables.


Blessings and Peace, Tanna Bennett